Frequently Asked Questions

We already own a lot and would like to have a custom home built, but we aren’t sure how the process works. How do we get started?

We understand that embarking on a custom build can be intimidating because there are more moving parts than just purchasing a home. With so much ground to cover on the front end, the best way to start is to contact us directly so we can make sure to provide you with all the detailed information you will need to get started on your dream home build.

We don’t already own a lot but would like to buy one and build a custom home. Can you help us find a lot?

Yes. Although we do not have lot inventory, we can help facilitate the lot search and refer you to one of our Realtor partners who can help you secure your land.

How much does it cost to build a custom home?

This is the most common question we get asked, and unfortunately, there is no standard answer we can give without having detailed information. No two custom homes will have the same build cost, even if they are similar in size. This is because the costs associated with each individual floor plan design, amenity package, included specifications and lot preparation will vary from project to project. We may have one client building on a flat lot with no trees that requires minimal lot preparation cost to build on, while another may be building on a side of a hill covered with trees, so the cost to build on their lot will be substantially higher.

We can usually be able to provide some ballpark pricing information if we know what size home you want to build and you provide some general information about the project, and we will provide a detailed project proposal after we receive a set of construction documents and specifications for your project.

Do you have floor plans we can choose from?

We do not. We are a true custom home builder, but we are not a design-build company. This just means we do not employ on-staff floor plan designers or architects, and instead, we refer our clients to top-quality local architectural design firms for their floor plan design needs. These firms do have stock plans to choose from, and they can help you design a true custom home plan also.

Can you build from our floor plans if we have already designed a home?

Absolutely. Approximately 50% of our clients already have their floor plan designed when they contact us.

We want to buy a set of floor plans from a website we saw online. Can we do that?

We suggest buying a floor plan or having your floor plan designed by a local architectural firm so you have a local control point and an architect that has knowledge of our local codes and styles. There is no accountability with online plan companies and no recourse if the plans have design issues.

What types of amenities do your homes come with as standard?

We are a true custom builder and can include any amenity or specification our client’s wants in their project. We do not have a base standard feature group, however, every home we build does include high-level features like full open cell spray foam encapsulated insulation with an enhanced caulk and seal package to maximize energy efficiency, variable speed HVAC systems, high-efficiency window packages, true custom cabinets, and more.

What type of foundations do you use?

The standard foundation used is a post-tensioned slab on grade foundation with deep beams. This is often referred to as a “waffle slab” because it looks like a waffle when it is prepped and ready to pour. The “beams” are the deep ditches that penetrate the compacted soil. Rebar is used in some areas and large cables are run in intersecting directions throughout the foundation. Several days after the foundation is poured, a crew will come out and pull tension on the cables, hence the term “post-tensioned foundation”. This foundation design helps spread the load of a home over a wider area which works very well for DFW soils.

All our foundations are designed by an engineering firm. Engineered foundation designs are based on the laboratory soils report that will be required before building on your lot.

Do you use piers in your foundations?

In many cases depending on the soil’s makeup or the amount of fill dirt, the foundation engineer may require foundation piers in the design. This is NOT the same thing as pier and beam foundation. You will still have a post-tension foundation, but piers are drilled and poured first and your foundation is then poured on top of the piers. The piers act like deep footers that prevent the foundation from sinking should the house be sitting on a substantial amount of fill dirt or the soil is unstable.

What warranties do you offer?

Your Legacy Classic Homes will come with several warranties. We offer a 1 Year workmanship warranty, a 2 Year warranty on the mechanicals including HVAC, plumbing, and electrical, and a 6 Year warranty on the foundation and major structural components of the home. You will also receive manufacturer warranties on your manufactured components of the home, including but not limited to the windows, doors, appliances, HVAC equipment, plumbing fixtures, and more.

Do you offer financing?

We do not offer financing. Custom-built homes on Owner’s lots require the Owner to obtain construction financing. If you are not already working with a bank that provides lot and construction loans, we can refer you to one of our banking partners that offer great programs for both lot loans and construction loans.

How long does it take to build a home?

There is no standard answer for the estimated build timeline of a custom home. Smaller and less complex will typically finish more quickly than larger more complex homes. After we have all the construction information for your project we will be able to provide an estimated construction timeframe.

How are decorating selections made?

You will visit our partner showrooms to select items like flooring, countertops, lighting, paint, plumbing, etc. We also use a custom cabinet company you will meet with to design your dream cabinet package. We also have designers we can refer you to work with if you feel you need decorating/designing help.

We know how to lay tile and install plumbing. Can we do some things ourselves to save some money?

No. We are a professional turnkey building company, and the only way to provide our clients with efficient construction timelines, service, and warranties is to use our sub-contractors and vendors on the project.

Do you build detached garages and guest house structures?

Yes, we do. We have built many guest houses and detached garages of various sizes. Contact us about your project and we would be glad to discuss it with you.

Do you build swimming pools?

We do not, but you can contract with a swimming pool company and include that improvement in your construction loan and have it built during the house build so it is ready when the house is completed.

What areas of Dallas/Fort Worth do you build in?

We build in many areas of DFW, and we will consider projects out of our normal areas on a case-by-case basis.

Do you have any available homes to buy or model homes to view?

No. Our business model is building custom homes on our customer’s land, however, we always have custom homes under construction and can usually show you a custom build by appointment.

What price points do you build in?

Our build range on single-family custom homes is 700,000 to $3,000,000+.
Guest homes and large garage structures are considered on a case-by-case basis.

What architectural styles can you build?

We build homes in most architectural styles. Our home builds have included traditional, contemporary, transitional, fully modern, Mediterranean, and other styles. We understand the plan design will reflect the architectural style on the outside, but we can also help bring that influence to the interior of the home.

Do you have customer references you can supply us with?

Yes. We can provide you with a list of Legacy Classic Homeowners who would be glad to tell you about their experience using our company.

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