We already own a lot and would like to have a custom home built, but we aren’t sure how the process works. How do we get started?

We understand that embarking on a custom build can be intimidating because there are more moving parts than just purchasing a home. The first step in the process is simply to contact us and tell us about your proposed project. Once we have some information about your proposed project, we can guide you through the process of building a home on your lot.


We don’t already own a lot but would like to buy one and build a custom home. Can you help us find a lot?

There are two ways we can help you find a lot. We can help you locate land by referring you to one of our Realtor partners. Just let us know what area you are interested in, and we can help you locate land to build on.


How much does it cost to build a custom home?

This is the most common question, and yet it is the hardest question to answer. No two custom homes will have the same cost to build even if they are similar in size because of cost variables in floor plan design, amenity packages, excavation requirements, foundation requirements, utility requirements and landscaping design and quantities. We may be able to provide some basic pricing information after we know what size home you want to build, and we can provide a detailed project proposal once we have a complete set of floor plans to work from.


Do you have floor plans we can choose from?

We have a portfolio of floor plans as well as residential plan design partners that have hundreds of plans our clients can browse through. We do not have floor plans on our website because many are proprietary to our designers, but we can e-mail plans by request and provide you info to our partner’s websites where you can search for plans.


Can you build from our floor plans if we have already designed a home?

Absolutely. 25% of our clients come to use with completed floor plan designs.


We want to buy a set of floor plans from a website we saw online. Can we do that?

We can, however we suggest having your floor plan designed by a local architectural firm so you have a local control point that has knowledge of our local codes and styles.


What types of amenities do your homes come with standard?

We don’t really have “standard packages” the way production builders do because we are truly custom and include any feature or finish out our client’s desire. With that said, all of our homes come with certain important features like full open cell spray foam encapsulated insulation, variable speed HVAC systems, vinyl frame dual pane argon gas filled windows, custom designed cabinets and more.


What type of foundations do you use?

In most cases your home will include a post tensioned slab foundation with deep beams. This is often referred to a “waffle slab” because it looks like a waffle when it prepped and ready to pour. The “beams” are the deep ditches that are dug to penetrate a foot or more into the compacted soil. Rebar is used in some areas and large cables are criss-crossed throughout the slab. Several days after the foundation is poured a crew will come out and put tension on the cables, hence the term “post tensioned foundation”. This foundation design helps spread the load of a home over a wider area which works very well for DFW soils which are considered somewhat unstable.

All of our foundations are designed by an engineering firm. Engineered foundation designs are based on the laboratory soils report that will be required before building on your lot.


Do you use piers in your foundations?

In the event the soil report reflects unstable soils where the foundation will be built, the foundation engineer may require foundation piers in the design. Foundation piers will also be used in cases where the amount of fill dirt will not allow the foundation beams to penetrate deep enough into the compacted soil. For example, houses built on hilly lots. In many cases where the soil is good and the lot is flat with minimal fill, there is no need for foundation piers to be used which also helps reduce the cost of the project.


What warranties you do you offer?

Your Legacy Classic Homes will come with several warranties. We offer a 1 Year workmanship warranty, a 2 Year warranty on the mechanical’s such as plumbing and electrical, and a 10 Year warranty on the foundation and major structural components of the home. You will also receive manufacturer warranties on your appliances and HVAC equipment.


Do you offer financing?

Custom built homes on Owner’s lots require the Owner to obtain the construction financing. If you are not already working with a bank, we can refer you to our banking partners that offer great programs for both lot loans and construction loans.


How long does it take to build a home?

It depends on the size and complexity of the project. Smaller homes will generally finish in the 7 months range and larger more complex builds can take more than a year.


How are decorating selections made?

We will refer to you our partner showrooms to selection items like flooring, countertops, lighting, paint, plumbing, etc. We also use a custom cabinet company where you have a sit down design appointment to create your dream cabinet package.


We know how to lay tile and install plumbing. Can we do some things ourselves to save some money?

We would love to oblige, but we do not partner with our clients on sweat equity installs. We are a professional turnkey building company and the only way to provide our clients with efficient timelines, service, and the warranties we promise, is to use our sub-contractors and vendors on every aspect of the project.


Do you build detached garages and guest house structures?

Yes we do. We have built many guest houses and detached garages of various sizes. Contact us about your project and we would be glad to discuss it with you.


Do you build swimming pools?

We do not, but you can contract with a swimming pool company and both the house construction contract and swimming pool contract can be combined into the construction loan. Once we are done with the exterior brick of the house the pool builder can come in and build the pool.



What areas of Dallas/Fort Worth do you build in?

We build in most areas of DFW and will consider all projects on a case by case basis if the distance is far from our Fort Worth based offices.


Do you have any available homes to buy or model homes to view?

We do not because we specialize in true custom builds on Owner’s lots and we do not build inventory or specs homes at this time. We can show you custom builds under construction and in some cases make appointments with current homeowners to view finished homes.


What price points do you build in?

Our build range on single family custom homes is $400,000 to $2,000,000+.  If you are interested in having a custom guest house or garage please contact us to discuss the budget.


Most of the homes on your website look like traditional brick homes. Do you build different architectural styles like modern, Mediterranean, etc.?

Yes, we build houses in different architectural styles.


Do you have customer references you can supply us with?

Yes. We can provide you with a list of Legacy Classic Homeowners who would be glad to tell you about their experience using our company.